Our Purpose

The purpose of Elevate Foundation is to help rebuild communities, uplift individuals, and inspire others to do the same.



Our 3 Principles


Our goal is to identify people within the community that need a second chance in life.


Our goal is to provide encouragement to those that feel hopeless and need someone to believe in them.


Our goal is to help those in need and be an example to others to lend a hand.

Our Impact

We help connect individuals in need to nonprofits/charitable organizations, and individuals or businesses who want to donate.

Roots Behind

Our Story

My wife and I have always donated to charities and our local church; however, we felt a void in that we were just donating to a black box without truly seeing where we were making a personal impact.
We felt in order to fulfill our desires we had to become active members of the process instead of just being on the sidelines. We agreed to use our own time, money, and goodwill to give back to the community helping individuals and families in need.