About Us

Elevate Foundation was born from a strong passion and
desire to help others. It's that simple...

Roots Behind Our Story

My wife and I faced many obstacles growing up but were fortunate to have people in our lives that provided opportunities to make a difference in ourselves. In return, we would like to use our time, effort, and resources to pay it forward.

Our Goals

We want to help our community! We want to make an impact in our world, and we are using our own resources to make it happen. We want to make a difference in the lives of others. We are offering a simple helping hand to elevate someone to help take the next step in their journey.


Our goal is to identify people within the community that need a second chance in life.


Our goal is to provide encouragement to those that feel hopeless and need someone to believe in them.


Our goal is to help those in need and be an example to others to lend a hand.

We Are Not Seeking Donations.

We are hoping that our acts will inspire others to join with us to make the world a better place.
We can all do our part to make someone's life better, and as a result our community stronger than before.

What Does Giving Back Mean?

Giving back for us means working with non-profit organizations in whom we feel share our common goal. We will volunteer and donate to these organizations. We want to know that our donations are not going to a black box, but are truly being used for the purposes we believe in. By volunteering we have the opportunity to spend time getting to know the organization and the people they serve.

What We Are Doing?

Partnering with nonprofits to create and donate to small volunteer events or initiatives.
An example: Providing funds to a nonprofit for the specific purpose of providing a meal. We would then attend this event and actually serve the meal as well. We would also ask our elevate friends to join in by volunteering as part of our elevate network.

What Does Success Mean To Us?

Success to us means that we have changed the lives of others through our acts of giving.
We know we have done well when we see someone has taken the opportunities provided by us to do something great in their lives and then pay if forward.
It just takes one...